Success Accelerator Program

If you don't know your strengths, limitations, top skills or behaviour preferences, your chances of maximising your success are near impossible; as the most effective people understand themselves.

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Which do you prefer, staying where you are or, Success Transformation?

It's true!


You've already tried your best but somehow you're still close to where you started. 

First, stop being hard on yourself! It is still possible to up your game with the Success Accelerator Coaching Programme. It is designed not only for you to help live your best personal and professional life, but to essentially unlock who you are and why you do what you do.


Once you are armed with this information.... 


There will be no stopping you!



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About Success Accelerator

We all see the world in our own way, process information differently and have a set of default behaviours that determine how we act and think.



The Success Accelerator Programme will help you identify your individual approaches and help you understand how to use them to your advantage by taking the Flight Test with the coaching.


Your Results will reveal your dominant personality and behaviour traits. The Success Accelerator Programme defines these results in 4 Airport Roles: Pilot, Flight Attendant, a Grounds Crew member or an Air Traffic Controller. 


Find out your Airport Role....

Pilots tend to be demanding, determined and daring. They strive for success but may not consider the details. 

Are you a Pilot?

Grounds Crew Members tend to be predictable, steady  and relaxed but they can get into a rut.

Are you a Grounds Crew?

Flight Attendants tend to be people orientated. They can be inspiring, enthusiastic and sociable but can be unrealistic.

Are you a Flight Attendant?

Air Traffic Controllers tend to be cautious, detail orientated and systematic but they can be hesitant.

Are you an Air Traffic Controller?


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After taking the Success Accelerator Masterclass, I now understand the impact of my natural behaviour preferences and I was blown away by the gaps that were found in my personality style. It helped me identify what was causing the conflict in my decision making. I want to learn even more so I've decided to join Le'Siran's Success Circle .


Nursery Manager 


I was struggling to prioritise, I had already sought advice but did not apply relentlessly. After Success Accelerator I can see black and white why some things were not working for me - it gave me clarity. It's an empowering tool for self-discovery.

Carla Brown

Music Executive  


Le'Siran is a God-send. She's very warm and I always leave the session more energised and positive. I am a better leader today as she provided me with the foundation for success. Now I'm aiming to reach £1 million pound target.

Priscilla Makopa

Healthcare Business Owner


I just had a baby and I was fearful of returning to the gym to get back in shape. I was procrastinating!  Success Accelerator helped me learn how I can use my dominant personality trait more effectively to support my personal growth. I learned things about myself that for years I couldn't put into words! Success Accelerator has been invaluable.

Mel Ottey

Beauty Business Owner


Who's it for?

The Success Accelerator Programme is for anyone, from children to adults, business owners, leaders, you will get accurate results that reflect your preferences, identifying which of the 4 main personality types (Airport Roles) is your kryptonite.


The Programme guides you through ways to maximise this in your life and career.


Once you're armed with this information - you're ready to Accelerate your Success!


1-2-1 Coaching

On this 1-2-1 Coaching Programme you get:

☑️8 Week 1-2-1Success Accelerator Coaching 

☑️Personality Profile Assessment (lifetime access)

☑️22 Page Assessment Report (lifetime access)

☑️Personalised Plan and Strategy to Accelerate Your Success

☑️Access to join the Success Circle community on Facebook run by Le'Siran. Includes, ongoing Success Accelerator Group Coaching, weekly mindset growth challenges & regular updates.

☑️Personalised Video Tips for your kryptonite personality type

Exclusive Access to the Woman Power® Circle Book Club and Premium ongoing Flight Assessment Coaching 

30 Day complimentary follow-up coaching session following week 8 of your programme


BONUS video: Le'Siran with a live audience 'Self-Love Revolution' 

Access to Le'Siran in-between sessions



On this Online Programme you get:

☑️10 Week Video Training 

☑️Personality Profile Assessment (lifetime access)

☑️22 Page Assessment Report (lifetime access)

☑️Downloadable Work Books that sync with video training

☑️Personalised Plan and Strategy to Accelerate Your Success

☑️Personalised Video Tips for your kryptonite personality type

☑️Access to the Success Circle community on Facebook, which Includes, ongoing Success Accelerator Group Coaching, weekly mindset growth challenges & regular updates.

☑️Exclusive Access to the Member's Site

☑️BONUS 10 Day What is Your Legacy? Challenge 


There are 2 Ways to Join Success Accelerator Programme: