This 10 week course and workbook for children is designed to be a safe space for creAtive thinking. This book will enable them to:

  • Build and boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Experience benefits of creAtive art therapy for emotional wellbeing and fine motor skills
  • Use art therapy to capture and express how AWESOME they are
  • Improve concentration, emotional literacy and social skills


The book is for:

  • Children aged 6yrs-16yrs
  • Teachers, youth workers, social workers, art therapists etc.
  • Competent readers
  • Children aged 6yrs and over with adult support
  • Parents or child care workers of children with additional/special needs, for example autism
  • Children or young people who have difficulty expressing their feelings


We believe all children have strengths talents, and boundless potential! This book will help children and young people unleash their creAtive POWER using 'My SuperPOWER Journal' bonus print out! This will help children and young people to embrace their creAtivity and freely express themselves. 


The CreAtive Child Journal

  • Pdf file. To be downloaded within 10 days of order.