Experience [Part 2 & 3] The Power of Self-Love Live Workshop 


Key points in this live workshop to up your self-love game:

  • Let's book you an appointment with a divorce lawyer to get rid of Mrs Limitation
  • Discover the power of letting go of comparison
  • Get dressed for a meeting with Lady Time & listen to what she has to tell you!
  • Step into your world from an objective viewpoint and discover what you see and how to use it
  • Focus on the power of infinite self-love and enjoy the many moments you anchor that feeling
  • Meditate with us as we love ourselves even more & shout with us as we affirm the new Woman POWER ™ (Except there’s one man in the audience but he was great sport in Part 1, so we won’t hold that against him!

Part 2 & 3 Self-Love Revolution LIVE!

  • Video links in pdf file. Link is available for download for 30days only!

  • Download within 30days, or link will expire.