What can Jada Pinkett-Smith can Teach us About Entanglements?

So here's a brief backstory. August became a 'family' friend when he was seriously unwell and through that friendship, a relationship with Jada was formed. Fast forward, both parties have expressed their views about what happened.....

Jada infamously called (words to the effect) it an 'Entanglement and I just wanted to feel better' and August called it 'I can die happy knowing that Ifullygave myself to someone.' 

Wow! These descriptions so different aren't they?  What does this mean?

I have a theory about this.

Now you may be thinking, what does this have to do with me being a coach helping professional women to use their God-given gift? 

Well, your natural personality dictates your behaviour and your decisions. It subconsciously informs everything you do before you do it....for you spend, how you interact with others...the list goes on. I can help you find out about these things using a scientifically proven method.

However, my theory about August and Jada is if they had a deeper understanding of who they were and how they attach (not interact) to others, they would have identified early on, their relationship was built on sinking sand. 


First, Jada is married but at the time separated! - Naturally, this would cause anyone emotional turmoil.

Second, August is caring for his 4 nieces, after tragedy in his family, plus he's very unwell. He too has emotional turmoil and a need for physical support, given his health needs.

Now, it's likely Jada in some form played a motherly role to August (this is how they first began interacting with each other, right?), as the separation from her husband may have left a void and August was (emotionally) in a place where he likely needed a woman's support, given his family and health circumstances. These emotions became entangled, in other words, they were skewed and not a healthy place to form a new relationship. As we can see, it's now caused a lot of upset!

We can easily do this to ourselves ladies!

Here's the reason why we're not exempt?

We are to have a basic unawareness of our own exact personality, emotional and behaviour make-up. If we know we have a tendency to attach to others quickly, or we are aware that we miss details, how much better are we equipped to manage our work, home life and relationships?

Yes, we could still make mistakes but we can always come back to centre, because we have the proven facts via the personalty test results. This is what lets us know reliably what our natural tendencies are.

The question you know your exact personality, emotional and behaviour make-up?

Do you know what it's costing you each day that you don't take action to learn this?

Do you know how much better your life will be one year form now, just because of this one simple step in the right direction?

Here are 3 women just like you who were where you are only a few months ago:

Mel, she said she felt 'invisible' at times, not being able to speak up for herself. Now Mel, is clear about her personality type, she knows she prefers not to be centre of attention. Now she's found a way to confidently speak up, when needed. This lead to positively turning her relationship with a family member around, just by communicating in a way that is effective and comfortable for her. Dee had difficulty with her finances and after taking the personality test, she realised she had a tendency to be overly optimistic, easily attach money to her emotions and unrealistic. These were her natural personality traits. So we came up with a plan to help her save and stop overspending by focusing on her emotional stability. Now she is successfully saving money and paying off debts! Carla, an entrepreneur had difficulty not following through and she struggled to prioritise. Due to this, she struggled to focus on one aspect of her business to make it a success. After taking the personality test, she realised that her natural tendency was impatience. Now with this awareness, she is better able to control this and apply it more effectivley, improving the outcomes for her business.

You know how this massive change happened? Because they took action...massive consistent action. And also because they had access to my Flight Test (personality test).

Yes...this change was triggered in just 30 minutes!

This is how powerful these techniques are! Want to know more? Check out the full scoop here or better yet, hit reply and let’s talk! Oh and I am kind of a big deal when it comes to being a Personality Expert. Here’s why .... I was trained by the World Renowned Speaker, Eric Thomas! I'm his 1st UK Coach, the 1st Female Coach and the ONLY person in the UK to have training with Eric Thomas.  Talk soon!

Le'Siran xx

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