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CASE STUDY You all know by now that since I launched my New Success Accelerator Programme, as an Extreme Execution Coach Certified by Dr Eric Thomas it is going spiffingly well!

Check out this story of a male solopreneur (yes I work with male clients - the ones brave enough to ask of course). He's taken the personality test, read on to see the two major breakthroughs:-

He said his sales were low, he was undecided on the niche for his digital advertising company and this had an impact on his confidence to sell.

His biggest fear however was that his business would remain dormant and make little to no progress in 2020. He felt that the obstacles that stood in his way to achieve this, was maintaining a positive mindset.

My client wanted help to get clarity so he can make clear decisions on how to move his business forward. He was tired of feeling overwhelmed and doing several things at once and getting minimal results for his efforts. He was ready to build his confidence, order his thoughts and better understand his behaviour (the why and how he does things), so he can make his business a success.

He called me to ask for a tips to find the right professional that could help him. During this discussion, he asked about my business and I shared my personality test. He immediately felt that I could help him and he signed up to the Masterclass straight away.

The exact moment he realised that the Masterclass is working, is when the results from the Personality Insights Test showed he naturally becomes guarded when engaging with people he does not know. This is significant, as his business is based on building working relationships, networking and pitching to clients where he has not had previous contact. He was so surprised! He thought he loved meeting new people. After a deep-dive discussion about his research-backed test results, we uncovered that due to past experiences he avoids conflict at all costs. This was found to influence his preference for how he communicated with clients. This ultimately cost him sales.

Another breakthrough moment came when the test results showed his preference is to not step outside his comfort zone. This challenged his thinking, as he thought he always took risks (we found this to be true but they were calculated risks, which laid close enough to his comfort zone). At the end of this Masterclass, he learned he was inadvertently ‘hiding’ from his clients. This was a major major breakthrough!

Now my client has a better understanding of his behaviour and the negative impact it has on his working relationships and business sales, he is now informed to positioned himself to make the relevant changes.

This deeper insight into his behaviour and ways he prefers to act has enabled him to better communicate with his clients and ultimately improve sales. His confidence has had a boost as he knows himself on a deeper level like never before. It has realigned how he sees himself which has helped him find a sure-fire way to make his business a success using his gift.

He thought the problem linked to maintaining a positive mindset (that was just a symptom of the problem). Actually the cause of his symptom was his inability to see himself objectively and have awareness that the change started with him, not his website and it's not just about staying positive. The personality test helped him to understand is much deeper than that.

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