It Can’t be That Simple

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

You might say, "It can't be that simple." It really is that simple.

We must understand that what we ponder and think about sets the course for our lives, because what we ponder and think about gets magnified and becomes attracted to us. It's "cause and effect."

Many people will curse the effect, but continue to nourish the cause. The problem isn't that they're a victim, but the culprit.

Most of our current circumstances were birthed from our thoughts, and at any time we choose, we can change it all. We have both the ability and the responsibility to make better choices beginning today. It is really that simple.

If the idea of having to change yourself makes you uncomfortable, you can remain as you are, but then you would have no right to claim that you are the hero in your story.

You would have no right to complain.

Your thoughts are a result of your choice to think those thoughts....

If you're thinking about how you see yourself right now, or considering what do I think about, I can share it has a lot to do with your personality type and your behaviour tendencies. The thing is, if you do not know this information about yourself in detail you are more likely to stay as you are. Who wants to do that?


Especially not you, otherwise you would not be here reading a blog like this, right?

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