Be the Bride

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

What great rewards we can receive when we let life guide us on our path to purpose?

Moments and situations seem to flow with a distinct pattern and insight without the force of our own hands. What powerful occurrences take place when we simply stop to allow them to. It is the wave we ride, not go against.

Allowing life to happen doesn‘t mean we are to take no action at all. In fact the opposite is said to be true. There is always footwork to be done. We have to meet life half way. The effort you put into yourself and the world around you is what will essentially be returned to you.

We have to recognize opportunity and then if it is fitting to our path, we can then work to obtain it. Allowing life to unfold means we are creating adequate space for life to breathe on its own terms. Treat yourself like a bride!

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