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Can I share this tip with you?

Waiting in your existing personality, gifts and ministry is the switch on button. It just needs the right time and connection to the Most High to spring into action.

Again he appoints a certain day, “Today,” saying through David so long afterward, in the words already quoted, “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.” Hebrews 4:7  (ESV)


I'm Sister LE'SIRAN.

I'm a Christian Woman's Secret Weapon when it comes to gaining a biblical understanding of who you are in Christ.

I come with bags of coaching experience, from coaching clients overseas, 20 years public service and supporting women and children in my local church!

I'm also known as the 'The Woman Power® Coach...' oh yes...I love that title but you can call me, Sister Lee!

The Christian DISC® is a personality assessment that divides personality into four types, and integrates scripture, emotional intelligence, and wisdom from God's Word, it can help you find your gifts, your ministry and strengthen your relationship with God.



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A serial entrepreneur, speaker, author and optimist with unshakable faith, no-nonsense personal growth accelerator and personality expert dedicated to equipping you to create a life and career that is more manageable and less emotionally demanding!

I'm often asked why I started this company?


Years after I became a Social Worker, it began to take its a toll. I burnt out. Truth is, I'd reached burn out several times! I felt unsupported, alone, overwhelmed and drained. However, I ignored the signs and still accepted a Senior Practitioner promotion. I was excited at first but that only lasted two weeks. Why? I quit! I knew in my heart there were other endeavours I wanted to purse, so, I started my business. 











Nothing could have prepared me for the many trials that would be thrown my way.

As my business began to flourish, my mother fell ill with 2 brain aneurysms and I became a full time carer. Everything stopped! It took every prayer and bucket loads of faith to keep going.

I slowly began taking on more clients, alongside my caring duties and as my Mother (see pic of us below)  became more independent, I was able to pour more time into the business but at the time, I shied away from God's call and instead of listening, I continued my coaching business as usual. 















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I went through all of lockdown trying to do what I wanted for my business until the call got so loud - I had to stop and listen! I recognised that my personal life and my Christian walk before my mother's illness had taken a back seat.


I let that happen! 


This time, as I had a taste of what not listening to God was like (it was like a constant calling that would not leave), it was my responsibility to not lose sight of God's will for my life. Even though I had a talk like Moses, not thinking I'm well equipped but I'm proud to say, I listened. I realigned my walk with the Lord and become a Certified Christian DISC® Coach.


Praise God! Look where I am now


I provide coaching for the British Association of Social Workers and I'm a Leadership Coach for Frontline! I speak for Global Companies, I have written 5 books and most importantly I have Christian Women coaching clients!


Never did I think I would have such an impact on this scale. It exceeds my imagination!

 Now, I want to help you hear the call of the Lord discover your gifts, your ministry and strengthen your relationship with God. 


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