Insights for Success

Hi, I'm Sister Le'Siran, your Woman Power® Coach.

I believe every Christian woman should have what I call a Christian Midwife, encouraging their relationship and growth in the Lord!


You may have experienced set backs, your walk may not be what it used to be but I want to tell you, because of those experiences, you're now qualified and entitled to be who God called you to be.

He has so much more for you! He's simply waiting on you to hear His call.

I believe once you get your Christian Personality Insights and my coaching, you will be able to identify who you are in Christ on a deeper level.


If you have been waiting for your breakthrough - this is it. 

Sister Lee 

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UK's 1st Christian DISC® Coach

UK'S 1st Eric Thomas Certified Coach

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What's holding you back from being100% you in your life and career?

Well first, let me tell you, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

 "But, I have so much more to give" I hear you say

If that's you ...

What's holding you back from thriving?


Get to know why take the personality quiz.

Coaching Services

Melanie, Executive Assistant

Le'Siran is very understanding, non-judgemental and passionate about helping people to reach their potential. I've learnt to acknowledge and understand my emotions better and I got my voice back. I now have a better relationship with myself and improving the relationship with the Lord.


Dr Lalitaa Suglani - Psychologist

I met Le'Siran for the first time at an event she had put together called Woman Power® Summit. I was very pleased to have been speaking at this event. Le'Siran started with an idea, which she actioned and the results of this was the successful Woman Power® Summit event. She is very hardworking and inspiring.


Dana, Nursery Manager

Thank you so much Le'Siran, I now see the beauty in myself. I see myself as worthy, successful and amazing and I'm more outspoken! Thank you for the courses, the training & the live videos, they really help me stay on track. I have deepened my relationship with the Lord and committed to spending more time with him.